Murder Tag: Full Moon

Comprised of prolific musicians Mike Borchardt (guitar, backing vocals) also of Nihiloceros and Treads, Stephanie Gunther (bass, vocals) from Desert Sharks, and Carlo Minchillo (drums, guitar, keyboard) drummer of The Planes, Glass Slipper, and creator of the Brooklyn Drum Collective, fresh band Murder Tag arrive with their horror aesthetics worn on their sleeves by good reason.

The idea for the conception of Murder Tag began after hours of working for a horror film in Brooklyn as actors and assistants, and from then on the band evolved into a genuine act of gothic rock properties, keen on strong melodies and centered on a cinematic feel. Carlo Minchillo started writing the deviant songs which would comprise the soundtrack of the film produced and put together by artist Jen Meller, and Murder Tag commenced to a bold start.

New single, Full Moon, presents the menacing tone which characterizes the trio's sound, emerging electrifying and mesmeric at the same time, as the inventive instrumentals lay down the foundation for an eerie mood, and the vibrant vocals round out the band's vision for a certain, ominous type of darkness. 

Generally slanting toward a gothic rock and post punk sound, Murder Tag's introduction appears imaginative, and concurrently not very far from the traditional horror rock principles.

Band photo by Jen Meller
Cover art by Murder Tag


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