King Bastard: Psychosis (in a Vacuum)

New band, King Bastard, emerge with an ultra heavy take on doom and sludge metal, with very well implemented and adjusted elements from psychedelia, stoner rock and even hardcore and black metal. The pretty expansive and all around excellent, Psychosis (in a Vacuum), will be part of the band's forthcoming album, It Came from the Void, expected out later in 2021.

Psychosis (in a Vacuum) comes with an incredible video created by Brendan McGowan, with the visuals following the track's dark cosmic nature and the magnitude which King Bastard achieve through both their committed execution, and the absolutely fantastic production of Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice).

Positively a more convoluted, yet, enlivened and propitious version of blackened doom metal, what King Bastard have to offer this early in their path strikes as creative and genuine. Although the uninitiated to the extreme metal sounds should be approaching this with caution, King Bastard's doom seems suited to be well favored beyond the genre's borders.

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