Floorless: Pearly

Miami-based duo, Floorless, bring together the worlds of extreme metal and industrial with a cultivated dark sound which can be characterized as post industrial, but is also tough to place in a single, exact label.

Telepath is the band's debut album, written and put together before the pandemic, yet, consistent with the despondency which came after the Covid outbreak.

The band's own, Matthew Gossman, lets us in on the album's creation: "The recording process was quite unique for this this album since it was almost entirely recorded during the Coronavirus pandemic. Mike and I used Splice to collaborate and program the songs, which is basically a live online document for our production software. I recorded all the guitars in my apartment, and our engineer 're-amped' that recording into an actual amplifier in the studio as if I was actually there. Our pandemic isolation and depression can be heard on the record."

Album opener, Pearly, comes with a video full of grit and intensity corresponding to the music's dark nature. The song is a gripping piece which presents the band's fine symmetry of those styles at which they are most versed, and pulls off a rather artful take on cacophony, and a very full production while sounding entirely commanding.

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