D//E Premiere: Foxxxy Mulder: Disgraceless

Having mainly worked together through long-distance online collaboration between Seattle and Chapel Hill, Kori Hensell and David Kumler keep blazing the trail with their genre challenging project, Foxxxy Mulder. The duo will be following their remix album, #312371, with new EP, Controlled Collapse.

Lead single, Disgraceless, sees the band exploring the affluence of their industrial-bent production, and testing their dark propensity which has their songwriting style fitting in darkwave and gothic pop territories, while their penchant for a garage rock and more traditional rock 'n' roll ways becomes fairly perceptible.

The song comes with a fun video featuring scenes of cult devotion, psychedelic extravagance and a whole lot of dancing, put together Foxxxy Mulder's own, Kori Hensell.

Controlled Collapse comes out on June 4th, 2021 via Deathrage Collective, and more about it is expected soon.

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