Chelsea Wolfe: Diana

Splendid new track, the industrial-bent, Diana, is the first new piece of music we get from Chelsea Wolfe in a while, a noticeable return to the heavier aspect of the artist sound.

Diana is part of the new series by DC Comics, Dark Nights: Death Metal, which will come with an album inspired but the series, put together by film composer and all around excellent musician Tyler Bates, and issued by Loma Vista. The compilation will also be including tracks by Mastodon, IDLES, Show Me The Body and more.

Chelsea Wolfe has recently voiced Wonder Woman in the animated YouTube series which served as a companion piece to the upcoming series. Now for her song about the character she states the following:

"It has been such an honor and delight to be involved in this whole project, from contributing a song to the soundtrack to voicing Wonder Woman for the DC Comics Sonic Metalverse episodes. I really love the story and artwork of this Dark Nights: Death Metal series, and felt really drawn to Diana’s part in the story — her strength and perspective. There’s this moment in the first comic book issue where she meets with Wally West and he’s so drained from his travels and all he’s had to do. I picked up on this intimate energy between them that felt almost romantic, but more just like two old friends who have an understanding between them — a moment of comfort and respite amongst all the fighting and chaos. I ended up writing this song about that encounter. Working with Tyler Bates on Diana was a great experience. He’s obviously so killer at creating music that feels like the soundtrack to your own movie, so between him and my co-producer Ben Chisholm, there was this elevated sonic landscape surrounding the song that just brought it to a different level."

The Dark Nights: Death Metal soundtrack releases June 18th, 2021 digitally, followed by a physical release on July 16th through Loma Vista.

Artist photo by Robin Laananen

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