All Eyes: Spectre

Minneapolis-based duo, All Eyes, composed of veterans of the local music scene, singer, songwriter, and keyboardist, Alicia, and producer and guitarist, Joe, continue their stable emergence in the field of shoegaze and dreampop with their new single, Spectre, following on from their acclaimed sophomore album, Change from last year. 

Akin to the notably well produced dark-bent art pop sound of their latest album, the new track finds the band honing in on the moodier and sullener properties of their craft, maintaining a proclivity for easily comprehensible song structures, while at the same time it feels hard to pinpoint.

"We started this batch of songs right after we released Change in February 2020, and this is the first song we started," the band say about their new material. "COVID hadn't quite arrived in the US in a big way yet, but we sensed something dark coming. We tried to capture that feeling in the sound."

Spectre will be part of the duo's upcoming EP, daystar.


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