Outlander: Sundowning

British post rockers, Outlander, render a notably heavy take on the genre, bringing together shoegaze, slowcore and doom properties, and come out with a notably striking and weighty sound. 

The Birmingham quartet will be releasing their new EP, Sundowning/​ Unconditional​, following on from their acclaimed debut full length, The Valium Machine​, from 2019. The new release owes its impressive acuteness to the recording and mixing done in a four day period by Neil Kennedy at The Ranch Production House, and the mastering of the great Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden.

First track, the 8-minute smasher Sundowning, comes all gazey and dynamic, going through the post rock motifs in a very confident manner, slowly expanding into something completely individualistic and all around bold.

Sundowning/Unconditional comes out on June 25th, 2021 via Church Road Records.

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