Moon Museum: With You

Fresh shoegaze act, Moon Museum, has emerged with a couple of solid introductory singles and an enchanting shoegaze sound which mainly lifts from the genre's front edge, as well as its hazier and dreamier side. The band's members come from San Francisco and Oakland, and have previously cut their teeth on the local scene, and acts like Breakdown Valentine, NRVS LVRS, and Vela Eyes.

The band's latest, single, With You, comes with a heavier angle, as the ethereal attributes remain complete, and easily distinguishable.

"The song started as a demo I had written, but I wanted it to have a heavier textural sound and I knew bringing it in to the band would get it there," says vocalist Olivia Barchard. "We experimented with different amp combos and pedals in the studio and landed on something that really gave the song its character."

"I really connected with the guitar work on this song," adds lead guitarist Ian Zazueta. "It ranged from being complementary to verging on chaos. I also love the reverb chamber we made with the bathroom hallway and a bunch of amps–this gave the guitars their a huge sound."

Distinctly, With You also draws attention to the excellency in Moon Museum's production savvy, and their prowess at giving flesh and substance to their sound.

"The song was moving in a great direction already, so just getting the right groove on bass was all it needed," comments bassist, guitarist and vocalist, Ryan Joseph. "I used a 60s hollowbody with flatwounds and it had all the vibe in the world." Drummer Aaron Hazen points out from his side: "We tried a few drum approaches and driving toms seemed to compliment the vocals and layered guitars perfectly."

Despite having been held a little back by the pandemic restraints, Moon Museum have a few first examples of their craft ready and unveiled one at a time, and it all appears pretty bright and promising in every respect.

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