Kraków Loves Adana: Everything Dies

It's always heartening to observe a favorite act being in a consistently creative state, especially when the quality of that creativity looking like it's peaking as well. This is exactly the case for Kraków Loves Adana and the world they've built around their latest album, Darkest Dreams.

The band's new single, Everything Dies, is a steeped in darkness electronic reworked version of Love Isn’t Dead which was part of the canonical album.

"Everything Dies is the epilogue to Love Isn’t Dead and in a way also to Darkest Dreams," comments singer and producer Deniz Çiçek. "Fears, hopes, dreams may die but when you’re ready eventually make room for a new chapter. So farewell, this is just another beginning."

With a new arrangement and the same lyrics, KLA get to push a key part of what has become their most gloomy and somber work to date into an even darker territory, completing their vision in truly satisfactory way.

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