Held By Trees: In the Trees

Held By Trees is a new instrumental post rock project which bases its concept and draws its influence from one of the genre's cornerstones, paying tribute to one of the greats, and spreading the word further.

Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden from 1988 and its follow up, Laughing Stock, shaped what later became known as post rock, and expanded alternative music's boundaries by retaining a profoundly experimental musical approach and being miles ahead of their time. The genius of the late Mark Hollis later concluded his career with a brilliant solo album which used many of the same musicians and engineers, and had similar artistic value.

The new project is helmed by David Joseph, and it brings together a total of seven of the great musicians involved in those acclaimed records. Artists like Martin Ditcham on drums, Andy Panayi on flute, Robbie McIntosh on dobro guitar, Laurence Pendrous on harmonium and Chris Mears on double bass comprise a post rock act of expert proportions which comes with a fresh view on Hollis' legacy, and as his friends and collaborators, they seem competent to recreate part of the spirit of the aforementioned groundbreaking works.

Held By Trees also cite influence from the psychedelic rock of Pink Floyd, Ryuichi Sakamoto's experimentalism, and the natural world.

It already has the air of a strong early achievement for David Joseph through the couple of first single releases, while the band has also an album in the works on which we're promised hints from the abstract avantgardism of Morton Feldman and Steve Reich.


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