Arteries: Under the Influence

Ahead of their upcoming album, Outdoor Claustrophobic, trusted hardcore acts, Arteries, release new single, Under The Influence, one more forceful cut which comes with an extreme metal propensity, delineative of the band's djent and progressive qualities.

"Under the influence has always been that song we always gravitate towards to as a band," guitarist Braithe Selby comments on the new track. "For us, it has everything, the hooks, the heavy and the epic. Early on in the writing process, Under the Influence evolved into the template for the musical, thematic and overarching direction for producing the album Outdoor Claustrophobic and is the feature track for the release. Expect more of a moody, mosh-driven and confrontational slice of arteries with this one. All in with bare blood-spattered skin for Under the Influence."

"We all play the social media game through self-promotion, for work or music, we're all guilty of oversharing and spending too much time glued to apps, smartphones, and tablets," says frontman Brendan Dafter. "Influencers take it the next step by portraying perfect lives with perfect bodies which create unrealistic expectations and inadequacies about your own life or appearance. This song is about me just taking a stab at these people because as much as I dislike fakeness I hate myself more for not being able to switch off from these types. Like the car wreck that you can't look away from, blurring the line between celebrity and reality. The dawn of a new religion, creating a cult-like following and we're all drinking the cool-aid."

Downright characteristic of the strength and the much appealing aggression their sound consistently has, Under The Influence sees Arteries at their most menacing, keeping on piecing the reputation they have already established for themselves after a great album and shared stages with Architects, Norma Jean, Raised Fist and Protest the Hero among others.


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