Riot Spears: Devil & the Sea

Berlin-based trio, Riot Spears, bring forth a pretty energetic and angry version of noise rock and grunge through a smart and direct style of writing, and some extra punchy performances. The band's debut album, Bad, comes out on March 26th, 2021.

Single and album closer, Devil & the Sea, comes pared to a creative video, and it is one of the mellower and more approachable moments on Bad, while it also exhibits the band's range, and their apparent influences which vary from riot grrrl punk to power pop.

The band describe the song: "It invites you to reflect upon the dichotomy that is forced upon everything by societal structures and the human brain. But what if you question everything, what is left and does that feel relieving?" Structurally, Devil & the Sea starts and moves on moderately to eventually develop into something rather radical and distorted, resulting to a climactic, raucous conclusion which according to the band "dissolves not only the song but hopefully also your stereotypes."

Riot Spears are Martha Kamrath (guitar, vocals), Svenja WeiƟ (bass, vocals) and Blanca Schmid (drums, vocals).

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