Only Now / Beneath The Ruins: Destiny

Producer Kush Arora releases works of immersive experimental ambiance as Only Now, and collaborates with guitarist Peter Arensdorf of King Woman who helms the solo project Beneath The Ruins. The two Bay Area artists will be releasing their album, Anamnesis, on March 12th, 2021.

Where ambient atmospherics mingle with dark Americana, Only Now and Beneath The Ruins combine sonorous melodies and droning soundscapes, giving vent to a cinematic outcome with an intense apocalyptic feel and an almost monolithic perception akin to that of Earth and Om. 

Unconstrained, yet, with a firm core and a strong aura, Destiny absorbs via its heavy textures and a steady sense of direction which brings every element together, like a meticulous movie score.

Anamnesis was mixed by Kush Arora, and was then passed to acclaimed producer, Jack Shirley, (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, tons more) at the Atomic Garden for the finishing touches.

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