Mutes: Modern Waste

British indie rockers, Mutes, return with their forthcoming third album, Dreams of Being Cornered, expected out on May 7th, 2021 through their own label, FOMA, and introduced with the six-minute fullness of first single, Modern Waste, a good example of the band's versatility.

Modern Waste combines its coarser and fuzzier side with an art rock underpinning which has the air of something more approachable and swayable, connecting post punk to psychedelic rock, while its krautrock components are discernible, yet, very slick.

Mutes' new material continues with the band's practice of cogent, sharp productions, recorded in a just two days just before the strike of the pandemic.

"A scorching lament for the capitalist society that holds our head just above water," the band describe their new single which makes a great impression as their first piece of music in two years.

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