Genghis Tron: Pyrocene

In their own unique and organic manner, Genghis Tron give new substance to progressive rock as a term and genre, with their contemporary approach coming in very fresh and stimulating, and the band's perfect fusion of noise rock and electronics working out marvels.

Pyrocene is the latest piece revealed from the band's coming album, Dream Weapon, and it comes with a hallucinogenic video by Yoshi Sodeoka.

Guitarist, Hamilton Jordan, says of the new song: "Pyrocene was the first song we finished for Dream Weapon. It all started with a single drumbeat that I wrote during an extended stay in the Arizona desert. I gave that beat to Michael, and within a few weeks he built an entire sinister, pulsating world around it. We knew, well before finishing the album, that this had to be the opening song on the record."

Genghis Tron are Hamilton Jordan and Michael Sochynsky, joined by new collaborators, vocalist Tony Wolski and Sumac/Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn.

Dream Weapon releases on March 26th, 2021 through Relapse Records.

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