Bloodslide: Pica

Brace yourselves, because this one is as grand and stately as its lineup indicates. Bloodslide have punk, darkness and history in their DNA, composed of drummer Mike Wallace of Canadian post punks Preoccupations, guitarist Greg Ahee from Detroit punk greats Protomartyr, and singer/bassist AJ Lambert, an eloquent artist in her own merit who continues the legacy of her mother Nancy Sinatra and grandfather Frank Sinatra.

Pica introduces the new act, and it's the first of four multimedia works which will comprise their upcoming EP. It's a dark and brooding piece of artful post punk produced by Sonny DiPerri (Protomartyr, Diiv, Animal Collective), while Ommatidium Studios are responsible for the corresponding visual which perfectly contrasts transforming landscapes with images constructed with medical imaging software, producing an overall striking result.

"The word pica is defined as the compulsive appetite for substances considered outside the realm of the acceptably consumable," a statement which accompanies the release explains. "The video focuses on this attribution of 'unacceptable' characteristics- this creation of abnormal value connections between two things. The use of landscapes and the human body highlights their interconnectedness in their natural state. Both have had their form molded and repurposed by their digitization and Pica uses digital representations of both. As the song evolves, the topographies and bodies in the video do as well, eventually revealing hybrids no longer shackled by constraints of physicality that both nature and our tangible bodies are so intertwined with."

Bloodslide's debut EP is expected in July, and until then more of their multimedia art will be revealed gradually.

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