The Everythings: Emotions

Although Brenda Lee's version of the charming pop track, Emotions, wasn't the original one, it certainly was the most successful, as it became the title track of the singer's fourth album, and it charted individually, reaching #7 in the Billboard's singles chart in 1961.

The song gets new life through a heartfelt and lively version by The Everythings, a fresh riot grrl LA band with a surf rock-meets-grunge approach to their sound, presented via vintage aesthetics. The band draws its pep from the songwriting forte of bassist and frontwoman, Rachel David, and it's rounded out with her brother, drummer Will David, and guitarist Jules Batterman.

Impressive for the exquisite stylization and fine intermingling of a few genres, The Everythings also delight through the vital spark in their delivery, and their pick to cover Emotions seems very right for them, and works like a statement of creative enthusiasm and good taste.


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