Somnus Throne: Sadomancer

Somnus Throne is a heavy rock band from LA whose sound dwells firmly on the far-reaching parts of psychedelic stoner rock. They released their self-titled album in September 2020 through Burning World Records.

Akin to the massive heaviness of Electric Wizard, the blitzed psychedelia of Sleep, the atmospherics of Om and the muddy, metallic grit of High On Fire and Weedeater, Somnus Throne take stoner rock to the extreme, and in the process they sound absolutely collected, driven by a considerable amount of negativity, and all the way consummate.

The band's first album is composed of five tracks; a brief introduction and four epics which go beyond the ten-minute mark. A centerpiece of sorts, Sadomancer drags with steady force, and its doom metal monotony is a convincing enticement for the rest of the album's boldness. "It’s about some nuns that escape their lecherous abbot to go dance with the devil and are thus empowered," the band reveal. "However, not in the way that they wished."


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