Loner Statue: Controller

Loner Statue is the darkwave solo project of Zach Dighans from the San Francisco shoegaze band, Pure Hex, created as a means of self-reflection and examination of a different musical approach. Following the first single, Drive, from 2020, Loner Statue now comes forth with an emotive sophomore offering of dark synthpop and post punk colors.

Controller sounds esoteric, introspective, and it wields from the darker aspects of a fundamentally gloomy musical style, going through paths of desolation and eeriness, only to come out the other end bearing fragments of contained optimism.

"I’m writing and recording something every single day," Dighans confirms how the new project is now a fully fledged act. "Whether it be only laying down a single vocal melody or aggressively writing the entire rhythm section in a matter of an hour or so – I’m very much inspired by Loner Statue and what the future holds for this project."

The new single comes paired to a good looking video directed by Jack Boston

Controller is out now through Flesh and Bone Records.


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