Kill Shelter & Antipole: Raise the Skies

Two of the most fervid acts in darkwave today join forces on a collaborative piece which brings the best of both acts to the front, and celebrates the genre like it's the nineties, without containing any traces of staleness into their engaging mix. 

Britain's Kill Shelter and Norway's Antipole will be releasing the joint album, A Haunted Place, on March 26th, 2021 through Manic Depression Records. First example, Raise the Skies, certainly raises the bar high as to what the rest of this collaboration will bring.

"Raise the Skies deals with a poignant truth about human existence," says Kill Shelter's Pete Burns. "It’s the dichotomy between the celebration of life and the certainty of death and deals with the perspective of outliving, or being outlived, by someone you care for deeply."

"This was one of the first tracks we completed for the album and it is fitting that it’s the first single," adds Karl Morten Dahl from Antipole. "We shot the video over a few days in Norway and Scotland and it definitely sets the scene for things to come."

Mirroring the song's juxtaposition of bliss and melancholy, the clip itself moves swiftly between darkness and light, and it becomes the first example of a clearly very much able alliance.


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