Karate, Guns & Tanning: Graffiti Children

Following the eruption that was their first ever video for the Bandcamp exclusive track, Fire, which was unveiled a few weeks ago, up and comers Karate, Guns & Tanning release their first official single and proceed with the announcement of their debut album. Graffiti Children is part of the very promising Concrete Beach, expected out in its entirety on March 26th, 2021.

Once again with a colorfully psychedelic take on punk, post punk and shoegaze pop, Karate, Guns & Tanning sound rather approachable for an underground act, yet, their creative ways appear entirely unconventional, and peerless for today's terms.

Graffiti Children, a solid pick for a single, exposes much of KG&T's verve, and becomes the second track to keep breaking the ice and paving the way for the coming of the rest of the unorthodoxy which apparently the band has to offer.

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