Gloomseeker: Same Ol' Doom

Continuing on with the same introspective and esoteric qualities which characterized the project's self titled debut from 2017, Gloomseeker return with the sophomore full length, The Violet Grim, expected out April 9th, 2021.

Gloomseeker's art is overflowing with deep wistfulness and darkness by way of existentialist notions and philosophical worry, while the new album also cites influence from traditional Slavic poems. 

Unafraid to take risks in relation to structure, instrumentation and production techniques, Gloomseeker's new work brings together shoegaze, atmospheric electronica and doom in a seamless manner, while the overall moodiness extrinsically brings to mind the weighty experimental complexion of Jesu and Have A Nice Life. 

Same Ol' Doom sounds like an exercise in appealing, hazy atmosphere and monotony, fundamentally immersed in nihilism. 

The Violet Grim was produced by James Plotkin, and its cover bears the art of Jesse Draxler. 

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