D//E Premiere: Ian Deaton: An Immoral Brain

Drawing inspiration from a wide array of all around tasteful influences such as new wave, synthpunk and post punk records, as well as genre films, Ian Deaton prepares for the release of the upcoming cassette, Moon Howler, the fourth in a series of ideal, conceptual tapes.

First single off the coming release is An Immoral Brain, a track lyrically placed in the world of crime fiction which chronicles the story of a cold-blooded killer experiencing a moral inversion. As the song's synthpunk energy and eccentricity are off the charts, so is the deftness with which Deaton implements his many influences into a thoroughly close-knit and consistent piece.

The list of influences on which the two and a half-minute track bases its impact includes the drumming of Tommy Ramone and the synth-heavy drive of popular tracks by Generation X and Commuter, together with the edgier sounds of The Screamers, ‘Til Tuesday and Suicide. Following the production consultation of engineer Thomas Barnwell (Picture One, Narcolepsy), Deaton puts to impeccable use three different synthesizers, one analog, one FM and one sample based, and the outcome is fascinating concerning both its theme and its musical palette.

"My need to create something as half as good as old synth-pop mixtapes and bring out similar emotions in myself and my friends are why I made Moon Howler," Deaton explains.

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