D//E Guest Post: Guy Andrews: MTNTET Mix Playlist

The playlist saw something unusual happen – it was a playlist I'd been passively building over some time and once finished I realised that pretty much all the track titles had something to do with either stillness or change. Very surprising what the subconscious is capable of!

Guy Andrews

Musician and producer, Guy Andrews, creates a special playlist for D//E, named after his recent work, [MT][NT][ET], one the two works he put out in 2020, and the follow up to Permanence which came out first.

The artist's most recent release is Transmogrifications, a remix release by the acclaimed musician Kevin Drumm, who reworks one piece from each of Andrews' 2020 releases.

All three releases are out through Houndstooth.

Permanence | [MT​]​[​NT​]​[​ET]Kevin Drumm Transmogrifications

Artist photo by Mick Frank


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