Beaten To Death: Run Burn Move Die

Oslo, Norway-based melodic grind band, Beaten To Death, have recently come up with a group of four EPs which comprise their forest tetralogy, with each of its installments being based on a forest whose enchantment is parallelized to the band's music.

Off EP number three, Laat maar, deel drie: ik verhuis naar 青木ヶ原, comes the traditionally thrash metal-inclined, Run Burn Move Die, which the band conceives as one of their gravest pieces on a lyrical and conceptual level.

"This was written around the time when the world actually opened their eyes for a second and became aware of the Rojava conflict in northern Syria," shares Martin, the band's guitarist and vocalist. "But I guess it's more or less a generalized comment on how millions of children grow up in war zones with very little possibility of escape or ever experiencing a safe environment, and how - when left with a choice of giving up or rallying around a common cause to fight for a different future - many choose to fight however hopeless that fight may be."

Beginning in 2011, Beaten To Death have released five full lengths. The band includes members from Insense, Tsjuder, The Cumshots and She Said Destroy, and their approach to hardcore is rather more melodious than many of their peers, and quite individualistic and atypical in essence.


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