Twin Dive: Blue Husky (Черный ворон)

Danish band, Twin Dive, revisit the Tapetown studio, bringing their nice fusion of noise rock and grunge to full consummation, this time pulling influence from the folklore, and following a bilingual concept which brings forth an engaging result. 

Blue Husky (Черный ворон) is sung in both Russian and English, and it's inspired by the Russian folk song, Chiornij Voron (Black Raven) whose lyrics parallelize the predaceous black crow with death, as it seeks for prey. In response, the band make their own analogies, pointing out the greedy nature of capitalism, making this a conceptually delicate and involved piece on many levels.

The live session sees the band rejoicing in their narration and performance, leading to a climactic, vociferous conclusion, on par with the rest of the track's punch.

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