The Lonesomes: Dog Days

Since 2018 The Lonesomes have made a strong impression in the world of Aussie punk, playing gigs alongside Dune Rats, The Chats, Los Scallywags, Peter Bibby and Verge Collection, having released a fine debut EP, 2019's Paranoia Destroyer.

The band's newest single, Dog Days, sees them trying their hand at a darker approach, while staying close to the post punk grounds which define their sound and backbone.

"We wanted to write an atmospheric track, that kept toying with the idea of gradual additions of sound," vocalist and drummer, Matt Callan, explains. "Starting the song with a robotic drum-beat that just rolls along and a bass line that follows the same structure as each element gets added the song gets more intense and climaxes into a wall of heavy sound. We wanted to create a dark sense of unease in the track, A car in a forest driving through the fog, coming or going, running from something or towards it.. Nobody knows.

"As dumb as it sounds that's the visual we got from it straight off the bat."

The Lonesomes are Matt Callan (drums, vocals), Kesh Head (guitar, synths) and Harley Jones (bass). The band will be playing a string of shows in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay to mark their new release.


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