The Entrepreneurs: Sweet

A straightforward lo-fi rocker, Sweet is the latest single unveiled off Wrestler, the coming sophomore album by Danish noise rock band, The Entrepreneurs, and it comes paired to a music video directed by Lasse Hedevang Nielsen.

"There’s a lightness and energy to Sweet," says bassist Anders Hvass. "It goes to your head – gives you a shot of adrenaline." The song's lyrics are themed on the idea of being annoyed by- and at the same time keen on someone who sees the world through a more simplistic viewpoint. "Someone blind to all its negative aspects, who sees everything through rose-tinted glasses," he summarizes. The video plays along with the same notion through an analogy to the relationship between dogs and humans.

"At the same time, there’s an ominous aspect to the lyrics in that the na├»ve person will lose their innocence. It’s just a matter of time." Hvass adds.

The song is a simple piece full of noisiness and energy, an unadorned merger of shoegaze and grunge stripped down to something structural, yet, notably vociferous.

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