The Body: Tied Up and Locked In

Profuse with extreme distortion and profound darkness, Tied Up and Locked In, is the newest track unveiled off the anticipated next album by the great The Body. I've Seen All I Need To See releases in its entirety on January 29th, 2021, and everything about it thus far suggest a solid record of genre defying excellence, akin to the brilliance and decadence found in all of the band's previous offerings.

The striking new track once again showcases the band's mastery on edgy cacophony, while at the same time it presents a type of compositional complexity which feels oddly approachable and exciting. Together with acclaimed engineer, Seth Manchester, The Body seem to have taken firm control of the strange perplexity between sharpness and discordance, and remain consistently artful, as well as slyly methodized and coherent in all the intricacy which defines the duo's sound. 

Artist photo by by Zachary Harrell Jones

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