Monolord: I'm Staying Home

Swedish heavy rockers, Monolord, return with an outtake from their latest full length, No Comfort, showing once more their expertise at memorable, spellbinding stoner rock, and their ability to work out arresting guitar riffs.

I'm Staying Home was mixed and mastered by Monolord drummer, Esben Willems, and it is paired with a live recording of The Bastard Son off No Comfort, from the band's appearance at Freak Valley Festival in 2019. The title track also comes with a bold message. In the words of vocalist and guitarist, Thomas J├Ąger: "A leftover track from the No Comfort session with the lyrics re-recorded to suit our current state. Stay the fuck home."

Artwork by Michael Hutter

Band photo by Ester Segarra 

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