Kopper: Luminescent Womb

Luminescent Womb is part of Kopper's 2019 four-track EP, Fading Fires, the release's stately, six-minutes closing track which finds the band cultivating their sound toward post rock territories, swaying between an ethereal compositional approach and keenly dynamic outbursts.

Drawing inspiration from psychologist Carl Jung’s theory of shadow, the band use a contemporary dance film to accompany the song, written and directed by their frontman, Jon Williams.

"Releasing the track after this year of darkness, struggle and isolation feels particularly poignant," the band states. "While it delves into the journey of lead singer, Jon Williams as he faces and tries to address his personal failings, we have all shared in a collective reckoning with the darker sides of ourselves, and have been forced to take the time to face up to who we are, what we are and who we want to be."

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