Diagram: Reflections

Berlin's Diagram take their dark electronica sound into heavier analogue territories with their new single and video, Reflections, their first from the act's second album which is still in development.

Hákon Adalsteinsson and Fred Sunesen cite influence from Italian and Polish horror cinema, as well as film noir, and especially mention Possession, Suspiria and The Third Man as sources of inspiration for their new visual. The video was directed by Antonio Curcetti, shot on VHS in London and Berlin during the Autumn of 2020 and edited with various glitch modulators. It narrates an affectingly haunting tale in less than five minutes, capturing the spirit of the sources which helped the shaping of its concept and mood.

Musically, the song amalgamates a group of styles like darkwave, post punk and film music, bringing about a downright imaginative piece which engages on all fronts.


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