Camecrude: Part. -II — Anathème

French experimental label, Cioran Records, is all about the pains of existence as made apparent through the dark post industrial sound which characterizes their releases, as well as the fact that their artists draw inspiration from the writings of pessimist and existentialist writers.

Experimental industrial act, Camecrude, released Enclave II​-​II back in October 2020, an avant garde amalgam of harsh noise, darkwave and neo-classical elegance, and post industrial grit, all tough to fathom, especially for the uninitiated, yet, the music's striking pessimism is capable to easily convince and bewitch.

The album cites influence from books like La Luxure et la Mort from Albert Caraco, Précis de Décomposition by Emil Cioran and Le Monde comme conscience et comme rien by Ladislav Klima.

In a tad less than two hours the double album follows its predecessor that was Enclave I, and carries a raw ritualistic feel and an profoundly experimental demeanor untypical even of the very much idiosyncratic blend of genres to which it belongs.


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