Badlands: Southbound Call

Catharina Jaunviksna's Badlands project is back with a single off Djinn, the coming full length expected out on March 5th, 2021 through the artist's own newfound label, RITE. Southbound Call presents a fine balance between shimmering synthpop and contemplative dreampop sounds, and it comes worthy of many repeats and paired to a video composed of raw footage from all-women's surf movie, Leave A Message.

"Southbound Call is about laughing in the face of danger, and finding a sanctuary for the mind in times when life is hard," Jaunviksna explains. "But it’s also about always getting up, to never feel sorry for yourself. We’re all prisoners of a pandemic right now and to me the ocean represents hope, a metaphor for freedom, something that we all need at this moment in time."

The entirety of Djinn is themed on loss and love, and the idea of finding safety in times of hardship. The album, which draws its name from the Eastern concept of a supernatural spirit, also commemorates Catharina's mother who passed under unclear circumstances.

"I spent every night in the studio, making dark repetitive beats. It was almost as if I was in a trance, channeling something," Jaunviksna reveals. "But as time went by, life started to make sense again as the tracks developed into tunes, and soon I could see that they represented different stages in the coping process."

Djinn will be following Bandlands' acclaimed debut album, Locus, from 2016.


Artist photo by Björn Wahlström

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