Axioma: Sacred Killing Machine

Overly heavy and underappreciated, Cleveland's Axioma released their debut album, Crown, in 2019 on Translation Loss Records, following on from their 2016 EP, Opia. The band includes members of ex-Morgue, Keelhaul and Brain Tentacles, and their sound comprises elements from a wide range of extreme metal subgenres, anchored in a solid post metal footing.

Coming with a nihilistic direction, Crown is impenetrably dense as to the instrumentals and its rather detailed production, while the intense vocals intensify the album's shifts and forces as it makes its way through doom, sludge, death and black metal in a keen and effective manner. 

Opening number, Sacred Killing Machine, expresses the band's fluctuating dynamics and their penchant for dark ambient passages which are always fittingly implemented among the all-embracing extremity.

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