Oddnesse: Hot Air

Dreampop and guitar-driven power pop have steadily been the main ingredients in the attractive songwriting style of Oddnesse, the creative vehicle of LA-beased songwriter and producer, Rebeca Arango. Full of considered symbolisms, and a little looser and airier in tone, new single, Hot Air, finds the project all heartened and brimming with energy, while projecting a warm air of melancholy.

"I think there is a tendency to judge abstract lyrics as less meaningful, less emotional, less accessible," Arango describes. "While this song doesn't deal with earthly relatable matters of love and loss, to me it’s just as meaningful as some of my popular break-up songs.

"These lyrics contemplate dreams and death and our relationship with the Universe, conjuring fear and majesty, taking a playful approach to the unknown. Ultimately it’s a song about transformation and spiritual travel and vastness."

Artist photo courtesy of oddnesse

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