Public Body: Table Manners

Brighton indie punks, Public Body, continue their chain of tangible, politicized and overall perceptive singles with their new piece, Table Manners, a strong strike against capitalism and the leadership in UK politics.

Like their previous singles, Public Body's new song is another piece of keen and energetic post punk in the vein of Wire and Gang Of Four, once again produced by the band’s guitarist, Theo Verney.

"When I was writing the synth bits I was picturing the Rugrats song and I guess that was probably the biggest influence musically," reveals guitarist and vocalist, Seb Gilmore.

Emil Mniszko, graphic designer and artist, responsible for the new single's Table Manners comments: "You are sitting in the lobby, a ghostly jingle drifts through the airwaves while a mute screen shows familiar suited men seated around a large circular table. The calendar says 2020, but that can’t be right. Memories of an information age fall away as the spectres of a forgotten future pass into you."

Public Body will be releasing their anticipated second EP in early 2021.

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