Low Hummer: Take Arms

Coinciding with US Election Day 2020, Low Hummer from the other side of the Atlantic, follow their excellent previous single, Sometimes I Wish (I Was a Different Person), with another agitated punk rocker which takes the band's sound to the noisiest it's even been.

"I was pretty engrossed in the idea of the end of the world when I wrote Take Arms," says guitarist and singer, Daniel Mawer. "I wanted to write a rallying call that would attempt to address everyone, at a point in the near future where we are at the edge of no return."

Mawer also comments on the band's collaboration with producer Matt Peel who is responsible for the sharp sound in all of their singles up to this point: "I had the remnants of a plodding, scrappy sounding song, and went to The Nave with me to see our producer Matt who completely turned the song on it’s head! Within an hour of settling in at the studio he chucked Krautrock drum patterns at us, we had fuzzy synths on the go which we had no idea how to use, and John sweating in the live room creating guitar hero finger tapping solos. We walked out at the end of a couple of days recording time, terrified we’d wasted our money on a drastically different song we wouldn’t know how to play live, but once we had a couple of plays of the mix in the car we were hooked and felt like those inspirations Matt had drawn from should be used to help us write more."

Take Arms doesn't only lay out the rebellious spirit in the Low Hummer's writing, but it also becomes another fine addition to the solid chain of singles which they've released thus far, eventually leading up to their debut album expected in 2021.

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