Jesus Piece: Punish (Kilbourne Remix)

In its original version Punish was part of Only Self, the groundbreaking 2018 debut full length by Philadelphia hardcore band, Jesus Piece. The track has now been reworked in the hands of EDM artist, Ashe Kilbourne.

"Jesus Piece is always about bridging the gaps of all extreme music facets," the band share. "A lot that inspires our song writing rarely comes from other contemporary hardcore bands. We as a band are all over the spectrum as far as our music inspirations go. Lu has been a fan of gabber/hardcore techno since he was kid and we all respect and love electronic music, so it only makes sense for us to collab like this. Kilbourne is not only our friend, but one of the only real gabber techno producers coming out of the USA. We trusted her vision with maintaining the energy and rawness of our song. She destroyed it and created a new level of pain."
Kilbourne talks about the new rendition of the song: "I tried to carry what I love about Jesus Piece into an electronics setting: punishing, relentless, percussion-driven music that pushes you to the edge. To me, metal and hardcore and gabber and speedcore exist on the same spectrum of extreme music, and the fact JP fucks with speedcore makes me stand even harder."

Band photo by Amy Ha

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