Ian Arber & Dave Rowntree: The Soldier / Tread Carefully

London-based composer, Ian Arber, has been known for his music for recent television and film works, like I Am Bolt, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, My Name Is Lenny, and most recently the popular BBC crime-thriller series, The Capture, on which he joined forces with Blur's Dave Rowntree.

Arber and Rowntree have worked together before on music for the documentaries Bros: After the Screaming Stops and Mo Farah: No Easy Mile.

Bringing together different compositional methods, including prototypal, dark orchestral tones which find Arber and his classical training right at home, experimental synths and electronics, as well as Rowntree's expertise in percussion, the score for The Capture very well expresses the suspenseful drama which can be found all over the contemporary storyline's narrative. 

This more experimental, almost ambient approach which feels quite slyly mingled with more traditional means of orchestral instrumentation make for a very fitting cinematic experience, yet, it can also be experienced as an engrossing standalone listen which subsists firmly beyond the series' scope. Highlights such as the moodier The Soldier, and the tenser and more venturous, Tread Carefully, reveal the two composers' strengths in absolute sync, as well as their proficiency in conceiving compositions which are compatible to their subject matter, and individually prominent.

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