D//E Premiere: Fragrance.: Crisis

Following the warm reception that his solid debut album had in 2019, Parisian electropop savant, Fragrance. returns with Crisis, a brand new single with a solid new wave foundation, darkwave undertones and a sharp sound which overflows with both danceable energy and sweet wistfulness; all contributing elements to how Fragrance.'s artistry has stood quite above the synthpop basics.

Close to the downcast mood of the rising producer's full length, Now That I’m Real, the new single, Crisis pairs with the world's current uncertainty very well, although the song was written before the pandemic broke out. It draws inspiration from personal anxieties and takes a rather dark direction, yet, its esoteric and intimate lyricism can easily be translated to something cathartic and optimistic.

The new song was co-produced with Sophia Hamadi (aka S.Diamah, half of French duo Opale), and it will be part of Fragrance.'s anticipated next album, expected out in Summer 2021, again through the French underground label, Synth Religion.

Artist photo by Caroline Bonarde

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