Wildfires: Belongs to the Night

Austin shoegaze band, Wildfires, prepare for the release of their self-titled full length which brings their four-year hiatus to an end. The album is due out January 2021, and Belongs to the Night is the first single off it, arriving together with a video directed by Raphael Umscheid.

Having gone through turmoil and personal struggles during their absence, the band returns with new music driven with existential properties, tackling subjects of life and death, and reflecting the insecurity of that period, while also drawing from idealistic concepts, like UFOs and the occult.

"As a band, we are all into the occult and UFOs," says the band's own, Gabe Baldwin. "We wanted to put those themes into the record, but not in a corny sci-fi way. We wanted it to be in a weird stream of consciousness, a dreamlike thing. More like UFO as a backdrop into existentialism. UFOs, more as a psychedelic experience than a nuts and bolts aliens and spaceships thing. So we put in all these samples that tie the songs together with a focus on lights in the sky, and loss of time."

Wildfires are composed of Gabe Baldwin, Aneil Naik, Johanna Hellman and Chris Heckendorn. 

Band photo courtesy of Ruin Agency

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