Waive Your Share VII // Dawn Of The Bandcamp Friday

Another Bandcamp Friday is in motion, and like every single time, we have recommendations. Bandcamp waives its share of the profits, and the world keeps on supporting artists and labels impacted by the pandemic.

Sonic Youth must have very full drawers and a pretty massive archive, and we can't complain, as they have just released Vol. 3 of their Rarities series. Unfortunately the demos DIIV put out from their brilliant latest album, Deceiver, are going to be up for grabs only for 24 hours, but it's great that they're seeing the light of day, just like Korine's Corsage, a collection of B-sides which will only be available for the day.

Lingua Ignota continues with her pretty odd covers, this time offering her own spin at Eminem's Kim, while Bandcamp Friday regulars, the prolific Boris, have another set of album rarities made available: vein (2006), präparat (2013) and eternity (2018).

Post hardcore greats, Unwound, released a live gig captured in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1999, and SRSQ put out a live set recorded in LA in 2019 composed of songs from her debut album, Unreality.

Themed on the atom bomb tests of 1945, Lustmord's TRINITY was commissioned by Unsound Festival in 2012 as a live presentation, and its album version is most fortunately now available on Bandcamp.

Despair Amthems, the very strong debut by The Executioner's Mask, has been re-imagined in the hands of some very capable artists like Xander Harris, Bestial Mouths, King Yosef and more.

Consistent with their Bandcamp day presence, Crippled Black Phoenix have another fine live performance up for consumption, this time from 2010's Frankfurt, Germany.

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