Total Rubbish: What's Your Damage

For their second ever single, Philadelphia psych garage punk trio, Total Rubbish, take their songwriting through a bit of a more easily accessible direction, and bring on the quite memorable What’s Your Damage?

Once more the band cite influence from an older film, this time from Michael Lehmann's 1989 comedy, Heathers, while their sound carries that same nineties-like psychedelic fuzz which could also be heard all over their debut track, Honey Ryder.

The liveliness of What’s Your Damage? is matched to a fun DIY video which depicts the band having a blast to the sound of their spirited tune.

Triple Negative, the coming five-song debut EP by Total Rubbish, comes out in its entirety on November 20th, 2020 through Born Losers Records.


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