Topographies: See You As You Fall

It's fairly obvious after two singles that the wait until the time San Francisco's Topographies would come up with a full length record has been very much worth it. Ideal Form comes out in its entirety on Funeral Party Records, and See You As You Fall, the second single off it unveils the band's darkly, eighties-like post punk mastery in all its glory.

Produced by Chris King of Cold Showers and mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri, all examples off Ideal Form thus far showcase Gray Tolhurst's beautiful existential lyricism, and a strong instrumental body originating from Jérémie Rüest's guitars, Justin Oronos' lively bass and a compound of electronic elements; driving drum machines and heavy synths. 

Following the band's previous single, Rose of Sharon, new track, See You As You Fall, feels both spirited and ethereal, and indicative of a propitious album and a band with a strong personality, and a lot to offer.

Ideal Form comes out December 4th, 2020.

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