Threat.Meet.Protocol: The Witch Trials

As Halloween season draws near, the fun horror sounds and visuals are expected and welcome. Coming a little early is the new single and video from New Zealand noise rock trio, Threat.Meet.Protocol, from their new seven-inch, The Witch Trials/Why, which the band describe as a "a true double B-side!"

Directed by Edward Gains and starring Aleida Brown, the video is a DIY homage to eighties slasher horror, with the band's members themselves playing the parts of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and Leatherface. The video's plot though shows that this time the tables are completely turned. 

Fun aside, The Witch Trials is a spooky noise rocker which draws influence from early Faith No More aligned with the similarities to genre standards like Fugazi, Big Black and Drive Like Jehu, and something that doesn't depart much from the video's madness. Augmented by a sharp production and a dense delivery by the band, the new track displays the high levels and energy and overall forcefulness of which Threat.Meet.Protocol are capable.

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