The Bad Vibrations: Bad Vibrations

When a band titles an early single after its own name, that song usually serves a statement for the act's sound and intent. It's been done numerous time in alternative rock; take for instance Talk Talk, Belle And Sebastian, Meat Puppets, and it's frequently done in the heavy metal realm; note Motörhead, Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden. In the case of the somewhat newly formed, The Bad Vibrations, there's a strong background of straightforward garage rock 'n' roll which seems and sounds fairly well executed, with the band having obvious fun delivering it, as their debut single becomes a signature track for their direct sound.

Bad Vibrations calls to mind the sixties garage rock of The Kinks, The Zombies and Small Faces, as much as it does parallel to the garage revivalist punk rock sound of the late seventies and eighties, while the band also cite influence from current acts like Bleached, Death Valley Girls, The Darts, and The Jackets.

The Bad Vibrations formed in 2018 at St Petersburg, FL, by Gaz Vibrations aka Gary Strickland, former bass player of The Loons, and without aiming to reinvent anything, the band comes forth rather lively and bright from their very first offering.

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