HighSchool: New York, Paris and London

After their introduction with the very impressive debut single that was Frosting back in June 2020, Australia's HighSchool stay on the same path of cultivated, guitar-driven and dark-bent indie pop, and release another imposing single.

New York, Paris and London sounds like a lo-fi version of the early Smiths, and it comes splendid instrumentally, quite sentimental overall, and well performed, while like its predecessor, it is also paired to a very charming black and white clip which was filmed by videographer Jake Coombes.

The new song was recorded by acclaimed engineer Naomune Anzai (Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, The Teskey Brothers), and mastered by Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control), and finds HighSchool signing with Dalliance Recordings with the bar already set quite high, as the rising act keeps building toward the release of its debut EP.

"New York Paris and London exposes peer validation that exists in settings where criticism is common, and the uncomfortable line it draws between social anxiety and social elation," the band write. "It suggests that dreaming and manifesting is as meaningful as our ambitions coming to fruition. New York, Paris and London are three highly desirable, yet clich├ęd destinations that symbolise the elusiveness of our own self expectations."


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