Floating Room: Warm Death (HIFI)

Having gone through elementary changes in the time since the band's previous album, False Baptism, Maya Stoner aimed her project Floating Room toward a new direction which opposed to what one would expect due to its experimental nature, it feels more realized than ever. Concurrently, Stoner's songwriting and her sound's dazed bedroom pop properties appear more deeply explored, which again in an unexpected manner, come across entirely sharp and in full bloom.

Warm Death (HIFI) is a redone version of a song from Floating Room's 2016 debut, Sunless. This time the song's lo-fi charm is maximized through a richer approach in the instrumentation, while Stoner's vocal sounds still finely delicate, yet, much more confident.

Now Stoner is no longer president of Portland indie label Good Cheer Records, and she has full creative control of Floating Room, which by the first sounds of new EP, Tired and True, seems like something that opens a lot of possibilities for the act.

Tired and True will be out independently on October 30th, 2020, and it features contributions from Jon Scheid (Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, Dreamdecay), Aaron Liu (Two Moons), Jared Ridabock (Anne, Hemingway), and Mo Troper. 


Floating Room photo courtesy of the artist

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