Flesh of Morning: In The Dark

Flesh of Morning thrive at dark minimalistic synthpop, and come through with a sound which could have easily emanated from the darkest parts of new wave. From the handful of creations they have put out thus far, the duo composed of Body Pressure's Faiza Kracheni and True Faith's Travis Benson has shown how firmly they are grounded in darkwave, and how cunning they can be at giving substance to the murkiness of their sound.

In The Dark is part of the band's second double A-side, Fantasy​/​/​In The Dark, and an accurate representation of what they do best, combining cold minimal instrumentals with a vocal delivery which feels disconnected and pensive at the same time. 

Named after the 1953 Stan Brakhage film of the same title, Flesh of Morning won't redefine darkwave, but they're quite deft at executing it.

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